We welcome enrolment enquiries at all year levels. Parents / Caregivers are welcome to make application using the online forms: https://forms.gle/Q3zEDc3kYh4M1iDh9 or contact the Enrolment officer directly, either by phone or email: 09 538 0368 email: enrolments@elim.school.nz. Monthly expression of interest tours are available, where you can tour the campus, and participate in a question and answer session with the Principal.  You can register your interest for the next expression of interest tour here https://forms.gle/DVEPvVvuBj7d6DXt6


Elim Christian College has an enrolment scheme and families are required to submit an application for the next year, no later than 31st July of the year before. The priorities for enrolment will be worked through from Priority 1. The Integration Agreement permits the school to have only 10% of its students as non-preferential.


Preference Enrolment

Preference enrolment is given to students whose parents are regular and active attendees of an Elim church or have established a particular or general connection with the school’s special character.  The special character is defined in the Integration Agreement with Elim Proprietors Trust, the Proprietor of the school, and is the Christian beliefs, values and lifestyles as held by Elim Christian Centre.  A copy of the school’s special character statement is available on request.  The enrollment scheme and applications for enrolment of preferential students will be determined by the Proprietor.


Non-preference Enrolment

Non-preference enrolment is given to children whose parents do not have a connection with the special character of Elim Proprietors Trust.  Based on our current capacity and the 10% cap on non-preference students, non-preference spaces are not likely until next year.


Non-preference Criteria

Parents accept that their child/ren will be attending a school of Christian character and that their place in the school is conditional on their participation in the daily life of the school.

Parents accept that they will be required to pay attendance dues as set by the Proprietor and these are not voluntary.  These are listed below.


Non-Preference enrolment selection criteria that apply: (refer to the draft enrollment scheme)

  1. Siblings of non-preference students currently attending
  2. Siblings of former non-preference students
  3. Non-preference students coming from another Christian school
  4. All other applicants who want to participate in the Christian character of Elim Christian College.


Non-preference students who cannot enroll immediately may choose to be placed on a waiting list.

Students on this list are wait listed by date and number and will be contacted if places become available.


Waiting List

If the school is within 10 spaces of its roll cap; a waiting list will be used to ensure we do not breach our roll cap.


Students with Disabilities

If a parent wishes to enroll a child with disabilities, the school may need to obtain appropriate resources from the Ministry of Education to accommodate the child.