We can provide a caring home for your students.

There are families or couples in our community who are interested in learning about other cultures. They will commit to providing a room and three meals a day for your students. These homestay families will ensure students are comfortable with getting to and from school.

Students will have the opportunity to experience living in a kiwi home, eating kiwi food and generally understanding how kiwi culture works. They will have opportunities to practise their English. During their time with the homestay families, they will have opportunities to experience some of what New Zealand has to offer.

Fun activities with homestay families!

Becoming a homestay family

Hosting a student can be an enjoyable and educational experience, allowing you and your household to learn about a new culture while sharing your own. Providing a caring and supportive environment can greatly benefit these young students and help them improve their English in a comfortable, family-oriented setting.

Homestay payments in 2024:

  • For students aged 11-13: $370 per week
  • For students aged 14-18: $350 per week

Homestay Information Booklet

Homestay Agreement 

If you are interested in becoming a host, please complete a Homestay Application using the button below.

For any inquiries, please contact international@elim.school.nz.