Golflands Middle Years Staff

To contact any of our staff you can reach them via email at
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Campus Leads

Mrs Mandy Heim

Campus Lead

Golflands Campus

Middle Years

Mr Andre Loubser

Assistant Campus Lead

Golflands Campus

Middle Years

Whānau Leaders

Mrs Lyn Mackenzie

Year 7 Whānau Leader

Mr Anthony Macleod

Year 8 Whānau Leader

Mrs Kerry Ackerman

Year 9 Whānau Leader

Performing Arts Curriculum Lead

Mr Michael McKenzie

Year 10 Whānau Leader

Science Curriculum Lead

Teaching Staff

Mr Andrew Bergh

English Curriculum Lead

MY Curriculum Design

Mrs Ashleigh Booysen

Mrs Jackie Eksteen

Mr Shane Froud

Mrs Lydie Granat

Mr Paul Gray

Miss Chermayne Gibson

Mr Mike Haworth

Social Science Curriculum Lead

Mrs Angeline Hubert

Mathematics Curriculum Lead Y9/10

Miss Laurenē Jooste

Mrs Danette Macleod

Mrs Suzi Morris

Mrs Manju Nayagam

Mrs Dorcas Pak

Mathematics Curriculum Lead Y7/8

Mrs Melissa Sullivan

Mrs Wendy van de Worp

Mrs Nicola Voisey

Technology Curriculum Lead

Mr Tim Taylor

Mr Steven Woollaston

IT Services Lead

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