Golflands Junior Years Staff

To contact any of our staff you can reach them via email at
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Campus Leads

Mr Jonathan McPhail

Campus Lead

Golflands Campus

Junior Years

Ms Neetha Mudhan

Assistant Campus Lead

Golflands Campus

Junior Years

Team Leaders

Mrs Brieta Groenewald

Team Leader Year 1

SENCO Year 1-6

Mrs Hannah-Jane Liew

Team Leader Year 2

Mr Shane Hutchinson

Team Leader Year 3

Mrs Julianna Lee

Co-Team Leader Year 4

Mrs Anna van Leeuwen

Co-Team Leader Y4

Mr Geoff Wang

Team Leader Year 5-6

Teaching Staff

Mrs Rachel Arnold

Mrs Helen Bartlem

Mrs Candice Briscoe

Mrs Evelyn Bycroft

Mrs Yung Chang

Mrs Claire Galbraith

Mr Wesley Govender

Mrs Kim James

Mrs Carla Joubert

Mrs Ah Young Lim

Mrs Jess Lomberg

Mrs Lauren Wade

Mrs Candice Wilson

Mrs Weina Wei

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