Elim Christian College’s Board

The Elim Christian College Board consists of parent elected members, a staff-elected member and a student-elected member.  In addition to this, there are Proprietor’s selected members who also serve on the Board and have all the rights and obligations of other Board members.  The Proprietors members have the responsibility of ensuring the Special Character is upheld.

2022 Board Members:

Presiding Member: Lehan Stemmet (Proprietor selected member)

Deputy Presiding Member: Richard King (Proprietor selected member)

Adrian Daniel (Proprietor selected member)

Stuart Oxford (Proprietor selected member)

Joanna Lee (Parent elected member)

Caroline Wood (Parent elected member)

Jule Lotu-Iinga (Parent elected member)

Hanneke Aish (Parent elected member)

Lloyd Ratnaraja (Parent elected member)

Dr Zen Han (Staff elected member)

Shalom Kim (Student elected member)

Mr Murray Burton (Principal)

The Board operates the following committees

  • Finance
  • Property
  • Personnel / Student Wellbeing
  • Discipline
  • Strategic Planning
  • Health and Safety
  • IT

The Board Presiding Member may be contacted
– directly by email: elimbotchair@elim.school.nz, or
– via the BOT secretary: Raewyn.Openshaw@elim.school.nz

The Board and Staff have set 4 Strategic Goals, called BHAGs.

2022 BOT Monthly Meetings:

10 February
10 March
14 April
5 May
9 June
10 August
8 September
10 November
8 December

Venues for the meetings may change from month to month, please email BOT Secretary raewyn.Openshaw@elim.school.nz prior to a meeting to confirm venue if you wish to attend.

All monthly meetings start at 7.30pm


BOT Members

Parent Trustees

  • Hayden Briscoe (Chairperson)
  • Richard King (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Joanna Lee
  • Richard Wagener

Proprietor Trustees

  • Bill Kathagen
  • Colin Marshall
  • Lloyd Ratnaraja
  • Lehan Stemmet


  • Murray Burton

Staff Trustee

  • Stephen Briscoe

Student Trustee

  • Tabitha Boswell