Elim Christian College’s Board

The Elim Christian College Board consists of parent elected members, a staff-elected member and a student-elected member.  In addition to this, there are Proprietor’s selected members who also serve on the Board and have all the rights and obligations of other Board members.  The Proprietors members have the responsibility of ensuring the Special Character is upheld.

2024 Board Members:

Presiding Member: Dr Lehan Stemmet (Parent elected member)

Deputy Presiding Member: Richard King (Parent elected representative)

Stuart Oxford (Proprietor selected member)

Adam Green (Proprietor selected member)

Jules Lotu-Iiga (Parent elected member)

Hanneke Aish (Parent elected member)

Lloyd Ratnaraja (Parent elected member)

Michael McKenzie (Staff elected member)

Mr Murray Burton (Principal)

Adriana Belloso (Student Representative)

The Board operates the following committees

  • Finance
  • Property
  • Personnel / Student Wellbeing
  • Discipline
  • Strategic Planning
  • Health and Safety
  • IT

The Board Presiding Member may be contacted
– directly by email: elimbotchair@elim.school.nz, or
– via the BOT secretary: Raewyn.Openshaw@elim.school.nz

The Board and Staff have set out the Strategic Plan for 2024-2025.

2024 BOT Monthly Meetings:

14 March
11 April
9 May
13 June
8 August
12 September
14 November
12 December


Venues for the meetings may change from month to month, please email BOT Secretary raewyn.Openshaw@elim.school.nz prior to a meeting to confirm venue if you wish to attend.

All monthly meetings start at 6pm.

Board minutes can be viewed at request from the school office.


BOT Policies

The Statement of National Education and Learning Priorities (NELP) and the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) set out the Government’s priorities for education that will ensure the success and wellbeing of all learners. They are statutory documents issued under the Education and Training Act 2020 that direct government and education sector activities towards the actions that will make the biggest difference, and ensuring that we are able to strengthen the education system to deliver successful outcomes for all learners/ākonga.


Objective 1 – LEARNERS AT THE CENTRE – Learners with their Whanau are at the centre of education.

OBJECTIVE 1 Policies

Health And Safety Policy – providing a framework for identifying and managing health and safety risks.

Physical Restraint Policy – providing an aim to create a secure and supportive environment where students can learn and thrice without compromising their safety or the safety of others.

Fair Play Policy – promoting fair and ethic behaviour in sport and other physical activities.

Animal Welfare Policy – promoting empathy, respect, and responsible behaviour towards animals.

Child Protection Policy – This policy aligns with multiple NELP objectives by ensuring the well-being, engagement, inclusion, and safety of students.


Objective 2 – BARRIER FREE ACCESS – Great education opportunities and outcomes are within reach for all learners.

OBJECTIVE 2 Policies

Finance Policy – ensuring that education resources and funding are allocated fairly and transparently to support teaching and learning.

Enrolment Criteria Policy – proving fair and transparent criteria for enrolment and ensuring that learners have equal opportunity to access education.

Timetable Policy – providing a framework for organising the school day to optimize learning opportunities for students.

Allocation of Units Policy – ensuring that resources and funding are allocated fairly and transparently to support teaching and learning

Te Tiriti o Waitangi Policy – providing a framework for the school to understand and fulfil their obligations to uphold the principles of Te Tiri o Waitangi in education programmes.

Curriculum Delivery Policy – ensuring that the curriculum is designed and delivered in a way that supports the development of key competencies.


Objective 3 – QUALITY TEACHING AND LEADERSHIP – Quality teaching and leadership make the difference for the learners and their whanau.

OBJECTIVE 3 Policies

Staff Appointment Policy – providing a framework for recruiting and retaining high-quality teachers who are committed to the principles and priorities of the NELPZ NZ and the special character of Elim Christian College.

Staff Appraisal Policy – providing a framework for assessing and developing skills and knowledge for teachers to improve educational outcomes.

Equal Opportunities Policy – providing a framework to ensure equal opportunities for all applicants and employees within the framework of the schools special character

Principal Appraisal Policy – providing a framework for assessing and developing the leadership skills of the principal to improve educational outcomes.

Protected Disclosures – providing a framework for employees to report any unethical or illegal behaviour without fear of retaliation.

Reporting Student Achievement and Progress Policy– providing a framework to collect and use data to monitor and improve student learning outcomes.

Strategic Planning and Self Review Policy – providing a framework to develop and implement effective strategic plans and use self-review processes to monitor and improve performance.


Objective 4 – FUTURE OF LEARNING AND WORK – Learning that is relevant to New Zealanders today and throughout their lives.

OBJECTIVE 4 Policies

International Education Policy – Promoting international and intercultural understanding in the education system and preparing learners for a global workforce.