Welcome to Elim Christian College.

We are so glad to have you and your family as part of our school community. In fact this is your school and we look forward to a wonderfully productive partnership. We invite you to explore who we are by following the navigation links.

Students I encourage you to allow God to challenge, shape and grow your character this year. It is the depth and quality of your character that will open doors for you, enable you to face hard situations and to help you pursue your dreams. I love the ARISE Elim culture that repeatedly emphasises Achievement to be the best you can be; taking Responsibility and acting with respect; being Inspired in your thinking and developing an impressive backpack of Skills; all laid on a deep foundation of Christian character and Elim values.

Again this year you will hear the right time, right place, right thing and right attitude message. We make no apology for this because you must be highly focused to achieve academically and grow socially, emotionally and spiritually. With dogged determination, we take seriously our responsibility to facilitate your highest growth in all areas.

Murray Burton MNZM

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My Hope

“To have an environment where artists can flourish in their artistry, where the academics are revered for their intellectual prowess, where the honest are emulated and the wise are listened to, where the quiet are respected and the unusual experience empathy, where those who are not yet ready for leadership or lack fluency in social interactions can come and grow, where just fronting up on time and in the correct uniform everyday is a measure of your character and recognized as such, where laughter and banter blend comfortably with correction and purpose in an evolving tapestry of discovery and fulfillment.”