Domestic students

Attendance Dues

$2,720.00 (including GST) per child, per annum (payable directly to Proprietor – Elim Proprietors Trust) by direct debit.

All new enrolments to the college will be required to pay a deposit to secure their place.

At the completion of the first term, payments for the remainder of the Attendance Dues for the year will be required on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, by term basis or annually to the Proprietors by direct debit.

Proprietor’s Special Character Donation

$360.00 per annum per student (i.e. $90 per term) (payable directly to the BOT, Elim Christian College).

Parents / Caregivers are reminded that the Special Character Donation is used for the purpose of delivering and nurturing the Christian faith of our students, developing in them a biblical worldview, with corresponding values and standards. This is not funded by the Ministry of Education.

The Proprietor has agreed to allow the school BOT to collect the Proprietor’s Special Character Donation on its behalf and use this to enable the school to fully support our Christian Worldview programme needs. Payment of the Proprietor’s Special Character Donation qualifies for a donations tax credit and the qualifying receipt for this will be issued by the Proprietor at the end of the tax year.

Further costs may be incurred for elective activities and resources. The school BOT may also request donations for school curriculum camps and overnight trips which will also qualify for donations tax credits. In this instance qualifying receipts will be issued by the school BOT at the end of the tax year.