Elim Christian College has a strong focus on student achievement, and character development.

Our students are inspired to develop a Christian philosophy of life, with high standards of excellence that will enhance their options for tertiary education and future career prospects, along with values that will enable them to live their lives with integrity and enthusiasm.

We have summarised our objectives in the word ARISE which is the schools strategic framework designed to shape and guide on-going development. It is reviewed annually in terms of impact, effectiveness and the degree to which it facilitates our special character in the light of current educational research and national education strategies.

Achievement: We want all students to achieve their personal best.

ResponsibilityWe want all students to be self-disciplined, respectful, diligent citizens and life-long learners.

Inspiration: We want all students to have fun learning, and celebrate success with an attitude for excellence.

SkillsWe want all students to make a significant contribution to society.

Elim Christian CharacterWe want all students to have a foundation of biblical knowledge expressed vibrantly in Christian values and character.