International Students enrolling at Elim Christian College must:

  • Have suitable supervised accommodation guaranteed for the entire school year enrolled.
  • Have parents, parental representative or caregiver sign the School Rules contract.
  • Prove that they have adequate medical and personal loss insurance throughout their stay in New Zealand.
  • Inform Elim Christian College of any sickness, behavioral, disability or special education needs before enrolment.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the English Language (i.e. numeric and letter recognition skills).
  • Include the latest past school reports and examination results. Elim Christian College may also request a comprehensive reference from a past school Principal or Head Teacher with each application. Elim Christian College is required to assess a student’s English Language competence and other abilities so that placement will meet the student’s needs.
  • Have their parent’s consent to study at Elim Christian College.
  • Meet the conditions of New Zealand Immigration Service student visa/permits requirements.
  • Accept the direction of the professional staff of Elim Christian College in subject and level placement.