You must prove that you are a “serious student” by keeping to the following requirements:

  • You must attend all lessons and be on time. You must be ready to apply yourself fully to all schoolwork.
  • If Elim Christian College has guaranteed you accommodation you must stay in an approved homestay under the college’s homestay program for the length of your visa/permit. All students under 18 attending colleges/high schools in New Zealand are not permitted to be in a flatting situation. They must have adult supervision at all times.
  • If you return to your home country during the set school holidays, you may not take extra time away from school unless authorised by the school Principal. You must not return to your home country before the end of the school year, having completed all course work and taken the appropriate examinations.
  • Your student visa/permit will be issued for Elim Christian College. You may not transfer to another school until that visa/permit expires or it has been reissued to another school through an official transfer process involving NZ Immigration.
  • If there is an adult designated as your parent’s representative in New Zealand this person must keep that role until the expiry date of your visa/permit.
  • Your parents must sign the enrolment form, which proves that they understand and accept the conditions of enrolment at Elim Christian College.
  • Elim Christian College must be informed immediately of all changes of details i.e. student’s or parent’s change of address, telephone numbers etc.