Elim Christian College is a state-integrated school catering for approximately 1000 students from New Entrants to Year 13 across 3 campuses. It is a vibrant learning community that impacts the whole person and provides seamless, quality education founded on a Biblical world-view and based on sound Christian principles. The special character of the school is determined by the faith system made up of the Christian beliefs, values and lifestyle of the Elim Christian Centre.

The College environment is well-disciplined, safe and caring. Strategic vision and planning has produced influential direction, superb facilities and Elim Christian College has a rapidly growing reputation for being a quality educational institution.

Elim Christian College will give you special help and support while you are studying here. They will make sure you are treated fairly and that you get the support you need to study properly.

You will be given the telephone number of Elim Christian College’s 24-hour help-line should you have any problems after school hours.

School uniform is required to be worn by all students.

Goals and expectations

Elim Christian College has a strong focus on student achievement, and character development.

Our students are inspired to develop a Christian philosophy of life, with high standards of excellence that will enhance their options for tertiary education and future career prospects, along with values that will enable them to live their lives with integrity and enthusiasm.

We have summarised our objectives in the word ARISE which is the schools strategic framework designed to shape and guide on-going development. It is reviewed annually in terms of impact, effectiveness and the degree to which it facilitates our special character in the light of current educational research and national education strategies.

Achievement: We want all students to achieve their personal best.

Responsibility: We want all students to be self-disciplined, respectful, diligent citizens and life-long learners.

Inspiration: We want all students to have fun learning, and celebrate success with an attitude for excellence.

Skills: We want all students to make a significant contribution to society.

Elim Christian Character: We want all students to have a foundation of biblical knowledge expressed vibrantly in Christian values and character.


The curriculum offered at Elim Christian College meets the requirements of the National Curriculum Statements for all subjects. The core curriculum includes languages, mathematics, science, technology, social studies, the arts, physical education and health. Christian Living classes are also an important part of our programme but areas of the curriculum are taught from a biblical worldview.

Enrolment Criteria

International Students enrolling at Elim Christian College must:

  • Have suitable supervised accommodation guaranteed for the entire school year enrolled.
  • Have parents, parental representative or caregiver sign the School Rules contract.
  • Prove that they have adequate medical and personal loss insurance throughout their stay in New Zealand.
  • Inform Elim Christian College of any sickness, behavioral, disability or special education needs before enrolment.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the English Language (i.e. numeric and letter recognition skills).
  • Include the latest past school reports and examination results. Elim Christian College may also request a comprehensive reference from a past school Principal or Head Teacher with each application. Elim Christian College is required to assess a student’s English Language competence and other abilities so that placement will meet the student’s needs.
  • Have their parent’s consent to study at Elim Christian College.
  • Meet the conditions of New Zealand Immigration Service student visa/permits requirements.
  • Accept the direction of the professional staff of Elim Christian College in subject and level placement.

Conditions of study

You must prove that you are a “serious student” by keeping to the following requirements:

  • You must attend all lessons and be on time. You must be ready to apply yourself fully to all schoolwork.
  • If Elim Christian College has guaranteed you accommodation you must stay in an approved homestay under the college’s homestay program for the length of your visa/permit. All students under 18 attending colleges/high schools in New Zealand are not permitted to be in a flatting situation. They must have adult supervision at all times.
  • If you return to your home country during the set school holidays, you may not take extra time away from school unless authorised by the school Principal. You must not return to your home country before the end of the school year, having completed all course work and taken the appropriate examinations.
  • Your student visa/permit will be issued for Elim Christian College. You may not transfer to another school until that visa/permit expires or it has been reissued to another school through an official transfer process involving NZ Immigration.
  • If there is an adult designated as your parent’s representative in New Zealand this person must keep that role until the expiry date of your visa/permit.
  • Your parents must sign the enrolment form, which proves that they understand and accept the conditions of enrolment at Elim Christian College.
  • Elim Christian College must be informed immediately of all changes of details i.e. student’s or parent’s change of address, telephone numbers etc.

Location and facilities

Our current facilities incorporate 3 school sites: the Golflands Campus for students in years 1-10, the Botany Campus for students Year 11-13 and the Mt Albert Campus years 1-13.

The Golflands and Botany campuses are situated in East Auckland and the Mount Albert Campus situated in the Central-West Auckland area. We have superb facilities including, well-resourced libraries, gymnasiums, specialised IT and multi-media suites, visual art rooms, a photography studio, science laboratories and a 900 seat auditorium with advanced technology.

The Golflands and Botany campuses are close to Botany Town Centre and approximately 20 minutes drive from Auckland city centre. There are a number of beautiful beaches, parks and walkways in close proximity to the school. Mount Albert is approximately 10 – 15 mins from Auckland city centre with St Lukes shopping mall, Western Springs park, Auckland Zoo and Aucklands Transport Museum all in close proximity.

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