Elim Christian College community aims for each student to be inspired, responsible, academically and practically skilled lifelong learners, living their Christian values and exploring their God-given potential, to achieve personal excellence for God’s glory.

Are you interested in making an application for enrolment for 2019?  Attend our Open Days listed below:

Golflands Campus: 94 Golflands Drive, Botany (Year 1 – 10 students)

Botany Campus:     159 Botany Road, Botany    (Year 11- 13 students)

Join us at our open day Tuesday 7th August

  • 8.30am / 9.00am  – School start as normal – guests welcome to take guided tours with senior students / staff
  • 9.30am – GC Principals Address – Staffroom
  • 11.00am – BC Principals Address – Staffroom
  • 1.15pm – GC Principals Address – Staffroom
  • 2.00pm – BC Principals Address – Staffroom

Application information will be available with downloadable applications forms on our website:   http://www.elim.school.nz/coming-to-elim/


Mt Albert Campus: 1 McLean Street, Mt Albert (Year 1 -13 students)

Join us at our open day Thursday 5th July

  • 8.30am – Classes as normal – guests welcome to take guided tours with prefects, senior students
  • 10.00am – Principals Address held in staffroom
  • 12.55pm – 1.40pm – Good selection of games and activities arranged for lunchtime.
  • 2.00pm – Principals address staffroom
  • 2.30pm – Secondary Year 9-13 programme presentation

Application information will be available with downloadable applications forms on our website:   http://www.elim.school.nz/coming-to-elim/



Golflands校区地址:94 Golflands Drive, Botany (一至十年级学生)

Botany校区地址:159 Botany Road, Botany (十一至十三年级学生)


  • 上午8:30/9:00,学校照常上课,欢迎参加在高年级学生和教职工的带领下参观校园。
  • 上午9:30,Golflands校区校长发言(地点:教师休息室)
  • 上午11:00,Botany 校区校长发言 (地点:教师休息室)
  • 下午1:15,Golflands 校区校长发言(地点:教师休息室)
  • 下午2:00,Botany 校区校长发言(地点:教师休息室)




Mt Albert校区地址:1 McLean Street, Mt Albert


  • 上午8:30,学校照常上课,欢迎参加在高年级学生和级长的带领下参观参观校园。
  • 上午10:00,校长发言(地点:教师休息室)
  • 下午12:55到1:40,欢迎参观午餐时间的一系列活动和游戏
  • 下午2:00校长发言(地点:教师休息室)


Kia Ora everyone

We are midway through Term 2 already and I note, only 3 weeks away from our BC senior student production – ‘Hairspray’.  All 3 campuses are thriving and operating well. Thank you, parents and caregivers, for your ongoing support.

Our annual drive to support World Vision is in full swing and I know, that as a school, we will make a real difference in South Sudan.

Please visit our website to get the updates you need on school life and our celebrations of learning. Our combined newsletter and website should feature the many amazing things happening at our campuses on a weekly basis.

Recent staffing news has a particular theme as we farewell Mrs Helen Bartlem, Mrs Tash Zyzalo and our enrolment officer Mrs Hayley Nieuwoudt to maternity leave!

Recently I had the privilege of spending an evening at our annual Worship Camp. To see MAC and BC college students surrendering to Jesus, honing their skills, building each other up and having so much fun spending time together with incredible staff – wow – does it get much better than this? It was really a student leadership retreat and in doing this, we are distinctly different from other schools in how we grow our students…so good!

We have commenced advertising for student places at our MAC Campus. We have 100 places available and we are encouraging parents from central and west Auckland to apply. Open days will be held at all our campuses.

Construction is progressing well at our GC Campus. With a recent tour of the inside, I can assure you these learning areas will be magnificent.

Our Proprietors continue the laborious process of consents and permissions for our MAC site. The Council have many boxes that need to be ticked and so too do those organisations representing heritage and archaeological demands. It is a wonderful site that has to be superbly master-planned.

We are so grateful for our combined facilities, our combined staff, our students and you our parents and caregivers. Each week I’m aware of many conversations taking place with you our community. Emails, phone calls, meetings – all designed to ensure our students have every opportunity to succeed. It is so good when I see students taking responsibility for their learning as they self-manage and aspire to achieve the best they can on a daily basis.


Nga mihi