Elim Christian College community aims for each student to be inspired, responsible, academically and practically skilled lifelong learners, living their Christian values and exploring their God-given potential, to achieve personal excellence for God’s glory.

Kia Ora folks


I write again on the traffic theme! We have again over the past two weeks had incidents of parents simply breaking the law by parking incorrectly outside and in proximity to our Golflands Campus. We have now come to the point of informing Auckland Council who will dispatch their team to ticket people who are incorrectly parked. Such parking is giving our school a bad name in the community with local residents writing in. The Police have also now been informed.


I would also like to emphasise another aspect of our traffic management: The ‘bus bay drive-through’ at Golflands. The rules for this have been regularly abused by parents and this has to stop. Please note the following, in our agreement with Auckland Transport – the Outline Plan of Works states that from a traffic engineering perspective vehicles crossing the footpath at the entrance and exit to the drive-through create a high-risk pedestrian-vehicle intersection at peak times that is not acceptable. Therefore, that area is definitely not for parents to use for drop-offs and pickups. The drive-through traffic is limited to buses and occasional visitors and has never been intended for a drop off / pick up point.


Lastly, as Principal I am determined that the behaviour of our drivers will match the exemplary work done annually by our students and staff in their ‘travel-wise’ work. As adults, we are not setting a good example to our children.


Advance Warning

Towards the end of this year we will be welcoming our middle school students to our Golflands Campus. We are hoping to have both rear entrances opened for students to use, Simon Owen Place and Montecito Place. The plan is to have Y7/8 only accessing the campus through one rear entrance and Y9/10 only accessing the campus through the other rear entrance. Y7-10 will not be able to enter the campus from Golfland Drive. When parents drop their Y7-10 children off at the rear entrances, they cannot drive up the cul-de-sacs, instead they must park in Bob Charles and have their children walk up the cul-de-sac. It is good for students to walk, even if raining (they have coats!) and it is essential that we as a school, honour and respect the residents of those two streets.


The 10 Year Anniversary of the Mangatepopo Tragedy

This Friday 13th April, Y5-13 will gather at Botany Campus to hold our annual ‘Spiritual Landmark’ assembly. There is a heightened sense of emotion being the tenth year. We are expecting visitors from Hillary Outdoors (OPC), ex-students and of course our very special bereaved families and their supporters.  Only the Y5/6 students will join with the Y7-13s for the assembly. As a special request to our current parent / caregiver community, I am asking that you be mindful and make space for the many visitors we are expecting – people who were intimately involved in the tragedy in 2008. I’m sorry to have to say that, but I sense we will be inundated with people since it is the 10th year.


A morning tea will be provided for the special guests mentioned above.  This is a call for our wonderful ARISE parents to assist in providing a plate of food for the morning tea. If you are able to assist please contact Mrs Snary: ariseparents@elim.school.nz – food can be dropped off at the chapel prior to school starting. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

End of Term

This has been an amazing term, a first! We have successfully by God’s grace and favour, navigated our way through the past 10 weeks as one school on 3 campuses. Thank you parents for your adjustments. Thank you, Mt Albert Campus, for joining the family! Congratulations staff for being the best staff ever –  you have had so much thrown at you and day by day and week by week, you have triumphed!!


Nga mihi