Elim Christian College community aims for each student to be inspired, responsible, academically and practically skilled lifelong learners, living their Christian values and exploring their God-given potential, to achieve personal excellence for God’s glory.

Y9 Camp buses are expected to return to school by 2pm.  Parents are welcome to collect their children at that time.



Golflands Campus: 94 Golfland Drive, Golflands, Auckland

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Mt Albert Campus:  1 McLean Street, Mt Albert, Auckland

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Kia Ora everyone

As with any one of our four terms, this term has many aims. First and foremost it is about the A of ARISE…. achievement. No matter what their age level we do want all students to be successful, to achieve all that they have set out to achieve, above and beyond. There will be pressure and stress but with careful and consistent application all students should end the year well.

Now that we are getting more and more access to our new facilities we are doing our best to arrange parent, staff and eventually student tours. Only now is our leadership team taking in the opportunities these amazing new facilities provide and it is going to be incredible.

Work continues to finish the site and we are praying there are no holdups.

The key ingredient for Achievement is having great staff. Our core team remains the same for 2019 but there will be a few changes and we will inform you regarding these later this term.

I appreciate the faith being shown in us by parents, to be able to continue our delivery of quality educational opportunities in Y7-10 although on a different campus and in different spaces! From time to time we hear opinions and for the most part, they lack accuracy.  For the record -the following is true:

  • yes having a middle years facility does change a few things
  • yes we have reviewed this year and we are continuing to learn from this
  • yes our core staffing team is strong and as we have always delivered well at this level- we will continue to do so
  • yes with new spaces we understand it can bring anxiety – but we can make it work
  • yes there will be many more students at GC but we are working on management plans for this
  • yes we will have an amazing technology block and we are working on plans of how to gradually maximise its impact … it won’t all happen at once
  • yes we have firmly in our heads and hearts what a good Y10 graduate will attain – the rigour along with the creativity will be there
  • yes we want parents to know that having the opportunity to have primary and secondary trained teachers working together as one team is dynamic and the best thing for great learning to occur – so many barriers are removed and our students will win
  • I hope to see parents who will have children in the middle years


Term 1

Monday 4 February – Friday 12 April

Term 2

Monday 29 April – Friday 5 July

Term 3

Monday 22 July – Friday 27 September

Term 4

Monday 14 October – Wednesday 11 December (Final day TBC)