Elim Christian College Online
Our new secure digital learning environment for students to organise and manage their learning, communicate with their teacher online and see when homework, assignments and internal assessments are due. ECCO will enable online discussion for deeper learning and prepare students for use of tertiary learning platforms. Parents will be able to view student coursework, homework and grades. Used from years 7 – 13 to organise the schools clubs, codes, music and all other extra-curricula activities.

In order to access ECCO please use the following link:



Your username and password will be as follows:

Username:  school email address

Password:  student portal password


To access the extra-curricular page, where information regarding all extra-curricular activities are located, please connect as above, followed by:

  • Click ‘groups’ then ‘join’
  • Code: WJF3M-CKV35