Digital technology is one way to enable an interactive learning environment.

One of the ways in which Elim Christian College is creating an interactive learning environment is by strongly encouraging a ‘bring your own device’ programme from Years 3 – 13. Students from Years 3 – 6 are asked to support their learning with an iPad, Years 7-10 with a Chrome book and Year 11 – 13 students are asked to bring a laptop as a learning tool.

We are striving to progressively embrace and develop a highly effective ‘blended learning’ environment. The Ministry of Education describes blended learning as ‘a combination of traditional and e-learning practices‘ and it defines e-learning as ‘learning and teaching that is facilitated by or supported through the appropriate use of information and communication technologies (ICTs)‘. We believe that the use of devices further develop our students’ 21st century competencies of digital literacy, communication and working collaboratively to problem solve and think creatively. We are also committed to create an environment in which digital technology and critical thinking work together to expand and deepen the learning experience.

Who is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of students’ devices?
Unfortunately Elim Christian College is not in a position to negotiate bulk purchasing or leasing with any commercial vendors. However PB Technologies and Cyclone computers have created purchasing portals specific to Elim Christian College’s BYOD programme. You can explore these by clicking the appropriate image below.

Go to Select Elim Christian College and use the code 159botany to log on. Cyclone offers Educational Discounts for Apple Products to Parents.